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and the pentagon, yes, the pentagon. by the time you get past the half of the country that believe kriemt clang is an outright hoax, how do you do the rational thing about something like gun safety? that's our problem, that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. ♪ >>> today was a huge news day in the ongoing political fight against gun violence in this country. the white house threw its most precious and powerful resource, the time and attention of the president of the united states, behind the issue today. the president traveled to denver, colorado, where he was introduced by the local police chief and planked by law enforcement officers to draw washington's attention, again, to gun safety. >> we need parents, we need teachers, we need police officers, we need pastors, we need hunters and sportsmen, americans of every background, to say, we've suffered too much pain and care too much about our children to allow this to continue. we're not going to just wait for the next newtown or the next aurora before we act. and i -- i genuinely believe
was nominated because he looked like a man who could change the pentagon. he was attacked relentlessly and ridiculously because of that same apparent independence of mind. today we got to see if he escaped from the senate hazing with his will intact. that's coming up. >>> first, i want to share the three awesomest things on the internet today. first, a series of incredible never before seen videotapes released by the shelby county registrar's office in tennessee. the tapes document the man who murdered dr. martin luther king jr., james earl ray. lots of fascinating stuff to sort through here. ray can be seen having his rights being read to him back to memphis, also his arrival at the shelby county jail, where he was searched, examined by a doctor, and placed into a cell. footage has been released to mark the anniversary of king's death, which is tomorrow. find the videos and read more on the shelby county registrar's website. this fascinating, maddening, and hilarious article is the second awesomest thing on the internet today. i just had the good fortune to stumble upon it today. it i
repositioning its missles today. a move that put the pentagon on alert. recent job gains in the market taking a step back. unemployment rates rising to their highest levels in months. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? >> shepard: just in. the secret service confirms it's investigating a report that the personal information of recently sworn in secret service director, julia peterson, has been hacked. they'll provide no other information. she was sworn in as the first woman director of the secret service by vice-president biden during a cer
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to sort out today. we are live from the pentagon in just a moment. >>> in france the debate over same sex marriage is front and center today. the french taking up a bill that would give same sex couples the right to mary and also adopt children. >> the lower house has already approved it. french president supports same sex marriage, but the catholic church and other religious groups and social conservatives oppose the measure. >> take a look at this. widespread flooding in and around argentina's capital, elsewhere as well. entire neighborhoods submerged. you see in some cases right there people on the rooftops waiting for help. >> and one of the heaviest storms on record took people by surprise rather. this in buenos aires. thousands are now homeless. the government is holding three days of mourning. >>> north korea now accusing the united states of trying desperately to start a nuclear war. promises what he calls a powerful precision nuclear strike. >> here's what an american official who has been to north korea central times, former ambassador richardson says of all this back and forth.
forces are testing their strength. >> the pentagon has announced it will deploy advanced missile defense system to the island of guam as a precaution to strengthen regional defense posture. the show of might is meant to deter north korean. today the north says it has given final approval to launch a merciless strikes on the u.s. , possibly with nuclear weapons. >> they have nuclear capacity. ratcheted up bellicose dangerous rhetoric and some of the actions they have taken over the last few weeks, it presents a real and clear danger. crisis, the 29- year-old who dictator, kim jong un. hiss determined to ensure regime's survival. we were given are rare glimpse inside north korea a year ago. the country struggles to feed its people. now and has defied sanctions. it released a carefully staged photo. the map shows a plan for missile rockets even though the cannot reach out far. imagining what the attack would do. all of this is his way of warning americans not to attempt regime change. many feel they have heard it before. after 20 years of nuclear threats, mostnd now ignore it. >> things lik
stranded in the gulf of mexico for days. >>> the pentagon confirms an anti-missile basis being sent to guam, where kim jong-un is at issue. nbc bay area steve handelsman has the latest for us this evening from washington, d.c. steve? >> reporter: raj, thank you, this move to try to shield guam comes as north korea has renewed the threat to attack the u.s. trying to figure out what is going on with this young, erratic north korean leader, kim jong-un, the officials in washington are looking into it. bayers went up at the kaesong industrial area, more than 100 factories couldn't operate. the latest move by north korea look s drastic, because it hurt north koreans who work here. 50,000, cheap labor for south korean companies, one of the few ways the north and south cooperate. >> this is a symbol that kept people talking and moving. >> reporter: now that is snapped by kim jong-un, a new line crossed by north korea's erratic leader, who vowed yesterday to reopen a nuclear weapons reactor, and vowed yesterday to attack u.s. cities. the pentagon confirms a system is being sent to the u.s. base on
- edge" nuclear weapons. the word came just hours after the pentagon unveiled plans to deploy anti= missile defenses on the pacific island of guam. kron 4's grant lodes has more. despite its string of successful missile tests, pentagon analysts do not believe north korea has the technology to launch a nuclear attack on the u=s. but defense secretary chuck hagel says the u=s cannot afford to take chances. we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously this is the latest counter=move: truck mounted interceptor missiles are being moved to guam. they will supplement larger defense missiles based in alaska and hawaii. both systems are designed to home in on warheads in the upper atmosphere. according to the army's former chief intelligence officer in south korea, there is not much ogf a chance we will have to use the missile defense. it's completely rhetoric right now based on what we can see into north korea, and we have incredible technical capabilities to read what the north is doing. what we don't do a good job is we've never penetrated their inner workings
a real and clear danger and threat to the interest certainly of our allies. >> commanders at the pentagon say they will deploy a missile defense system to guam. they need to increase defenses against a possible attack. state media broadcast soon after hagel spoke. they would inform the u.s. government they had approved a possible nuclear strike. america's hostile policy would be smashed. >>> residents of singapore are noticing another sign in the region. the visit highlights president obama's decision to focus more on the asia pacific. >> reporter: the aircraft carrier has been docked at singapore since monday. the ship is on its way back to the west coast of the u.s. following a five-month mission in the middle east. the attendees were allowed on to the deck of the 330 meter long ship. there they were briefed on the deployment of fighter jets and helicopters which have sonar to detect underwater crafts. navy officials say the carrier will conduct landing practice of aircraft and maintain contacts with military officials in the asia pacific region. u.s. president barack obama met with the
at the pentagon. that's where jim miklaszewski is on duty for us tonight. jim, good evening. >> good evening, brian. u.s. officials stressed tonight there is no sign that north korea is preparing for all out war. nevertheless, the u.s. and south korean militaries are prepared for the worst. two u.s. guided missile destroyers are already in position to shoot down any ballistic missiles launched by north korea. defense secretary chuck hagel warned this week that north korea's threats of a nuclear attack cannot be ignored. >> we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously. >> reporter: in the unlikelihood of all out war, u.s. cruise missiles, american bombers, and south korean war planes would launch air strikes. north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile facilities would be prime targets. any ground war would be devastating. 700,000 north korean soldiers are dug in along the demilitarized zone manning thousands of rockets and long-range artillery aimed at the south. 20 million south koreans in and around seoul are in the crosshairs, well within range. a former u.s. c
of demyians, kim jong un was reacting to the bomber that flew over. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the latest. >> reporter: shortly after midnight. kim jong in signed documents to put rockets on standby. it's taking the owner leader at his word. he at the no paper tiger. north korea stated television made the announcement. it said the enemies are bringing the dark clouds after nuclear war, testing self-restraint and added the dpr can no longer tolerated this. he ordered to blow up everything in ashes if an order is issues. >> reporter: in show of solidarity while the russian and chinese foreign ministry urged them restraint. >> we hope that relevant parties will push together for a turnaround of a tense situation. >> reporter: some critics at home said the pentagon decision to send the b-2 stealth bombers could rean peninsula was provocative. >> pentagon was stuck in a rock and hard place. on the one hand north korea had had threatened a nuclear attack against the united states. the united states ally, south korea was extremely worried about this so the u.s. wanted to send out
of north korea over the last few days and the pentagon now says it's working to turn the volume down while shoring p the defenses in the region. this is the time of day we typically see some news out of north korea. it's morning there. you're just waking up. what's the mood there today? >> there hasn't been any specific news out of north korea. i can tell that you there isn't any particular massive shift that we're seeing in south korean sentiment. although, we are seeing an incremental change in the tone here. and part of it is as the pentagon is now expressing, concern that the u.s. may be part of the problem. one of the major newspapers here in south korea said that perhaps the show of force by the united states is having the effect of cornering a crazy rat. that rat reference, of course, being the leader. so there is this concern among a minority of south core evens that the u.s. may be part of the problem. certainly this news jake out of the pentagon may at least be appreciated by some here although overwhelmingly most people are appreciating that show of force. >> some officials in t
the pentagon unveiled plans to deploy anti=missile defenses on the pacific island of guam. despite its string of successful missile tests, pentagon analysts do not believe north korea has the technology to launch a nuclear attack on the u=s. but defense secretary chuck hagel says the u=s cannot afford to take chances. >> we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously this is the latest counter=move: truck mounted interceptor missiles are being moved to guam. they will supplement larger defense missiles based in alaska and hawaii. both systems are designed to home in on warheads in the upper atmosphere. according to the army's former chief intelligence officer in south korea, there is not much ogf a chance we will have to use the missile defense. it's completely rhetoric right now based on what we can see into north korea, and we have incredible technical capabilities to read what the north is doing. what we don't do a good job is we've never penetrated their inner workings of governance, the pentagon has also sent stealth fighters, bombers and two navy destroyers to
in the pentagon they never found any of the engines from the plane. they never found any pieces of the plane. that is because it disintegrated. whole side of the pentagon was not side, blah, blah and these kids. my son to this day, he thinks in washington and pentagon was not hit. >> let's talk about the social media. opportunities and challenges that facebook and twitter and texting and being able to send videos like that. do you think social media helps conspiracy theories or maybe you can squash them online. >> andrea: i think it's made them so much worse. if i had a nickel every time i used to get a family member, pass this on and alarmist. a couple of them i read, but you can quickly find out if they are not legally. i said please don't send me. all the people on the chain. >> bob: greg made a good point. problem with conspiracy, you have to disprove it. >> greg: popular mechanics did disprove all the 9/11 truthers then we have jobs. i'm not going to answer idiot's questions. >> eric: x files, conspiracies are out to get you. >> dana: that is why i'm so paranoid. they are throwing behin
on fox top story live at the pentagon tonight. how much concern there, really, jennifer? >> well, the pentagon has seen no unusual movements as of yet. but is taking the north korean leader at his word they say he is no paper tiger. >> we will unequivocally defend and we are unequivocally committed to that alliance with south korea. >> u.s. and south korean military exercises are going to be ongoing until april 30th, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, the united states is catching some heat for sending those bombers over to south korea. >> especially from the russian and chinese foreign ministries. they have called the actions provocative. fox news has learned that those b 2's that were sent to the korean peninsula were, in fact, the first b-2 fighters to ever be sent to the korean peninsula. and that they were not originally supposed to be part of the annual military exercise with south korea, but secretary hagel made the decision in the wake of north korean threats. each b-2 dropped four inert 2,000-pound bombs off the coast of south korea. the it is capable of carrying $85,000 bom
in ft. hood in 2009. the pentagon is refusing to award them purple hearts y.? >>> plus, the irs says it wants to make it easier for you to file your taxes. is that a wonderful thing from the government? why is a company that bills itself as your best friend when it comes to your taxes spending billions of dollars to hurt the irs? >>> this is happening in this country caught on tape. wouldn'te it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed
us with nuclear weapons. now, the pentagon is moving defense systems into place to counter any threats. >> it's incumbent upon us to take prudent steps to defending the united states. >> how far is kim jong un willing to go in this global game of chicken. >> scientists uncover a new strain of bird flu. it's already killing people. and doctors warn we are only beginning to learn what this virus can do. plus, an elderly student pilot plummets from his plane and falls to his death. >> at that points to be just an unfortunate accident to where he thought he was secure and in fact he wasn't. >> trace: tonight what we now know what happened and why his son said dad died doing what he loved. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith tonight. north korea may be planning another missile launch. that's what u.s. officials are telling fox news. they say intelligence shows the north is moving around some mid range missile launchers and the pentagon is keeping a close eye on them. military approved a nuclear attack on the united states. the pentagon moved a missile defense system to guam, a u.s. t
and pentagon documents, which had been in wikileaks' possession, onto the internet. when we interviewed assange, he was already under investigation by the justice department for publishing classified material and possible violations of the espionage act. he was also under house arrest in britain, fighting extradition to sweden in connection with two sexual assault cases, which he has called part of a smear campaign against him. in what is still his most extensive television interview, assange talked to us about the idea behind wikileaks and the prospect of facing criminal charges in the united states. i mean, you've been called a lot of names. you've been characterized as a hero and as a villain, a martyr, terrorist. >> i'm not yet a martyr. >> right. >> let's keep it that way. >> for now, julian assange is holed up on this bucolic 600-acre english estate with an ankle bracelet, a 10:00 curfew, and a slow internet connection. he declined to talk to us about the allegations in sweden on the advice of his attorney but proclaims he is innocent. well, i suppose if you have to be under house arrest,
wednesday that he is being forced to consider fundamental changes in how the pentagon defends american interests and conducts its daily business. in his first major address as secretary -- addressing an audience, mr. hagel offered no specific cancellations, trims or shifts in pentagon spending accounts, >> host: again, role of the u.s. military worldwide is our topic this morning. here's a little bit more from defense secretary hagel. >> in a decade where our country has grown we'rey of war and skeptical of foreign entanglements, questions arise about the merits of america's role in the world. america's global leadership. america does not have the luxury of retrenchment. we have too many global interests at stake. including our security, prosperity, and our future. if we refuse to lead, something, someone, will fill the vacuum. host: 202 is the area code for ll of our numbers. you can see the email address if you would like to see an email. lot of facebook chatter. here are some comments we've been receiving. eter says -- host: no more nation building, the ly washington headed warnings
us to them the pentagon sending two nuclear-capable stealth bombers on a fly over right around the korean peninsula to make sure they saw it. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this continuing to develop story. so, jennifer, what is north korea specifically planning to do? what are they saying? >> reporter: well it's difficult to say, jenna, but right now kim jong un is backing himself into a corner and the pentagon is very worried that he may put himself in a position that if he doesn't do something he will lose face. shortly after midnight local time last night north korean state television reported that kim jong un signed orders to put the nation's rockets on combat ready status. the direct threat to the u.s. in the wake of those b-2 bomber flights over the peninsula were cleared the animated north korean news reader said of kim, quote he finally signed the plan on technical preparations of strategic rockets of the kpa, the korean army ordering them to be on standby to fire so that they may strike at any time the u.s. mainland, its military bases in the op
korea. this all comes after north korea tore up a cease-fire with the south. yesterday the pentagon announced it sent two stealth bombers on training runs. they dropped unarmed bombs over the korean peninsula, a strong warning from the you states that we can nuke you. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. jennifer griffin is here from the pentagon. what do we know about what he's doing now? >> reporter: well, just after midnight, shep, the young lad reportedly signed documents ordering his rockets to be put on standby. the pentagon says they've seen nothing to suggest that there's any movement on that front. however, they say that they're taking the north korean leader at his word. they say he's no paper tiger, and north korea state television showed a rather animated presenter making the announcement last night. quote, he said the enemies are bringing the dark clouds of a nuclear war, testing the democratic people's republic ofy's self-restraint. hhe added they can no longer tolerate. he ordered the army to blow up and reduce everything to ashes at a single strike if an ord
about this. she was banned to her specific order in the pentagon. when she went to other areas of the pentagon, she had to remove it. we are fighting through now, what is the way we will deal with these religious accommodations and apparel requests. that remains as the last frontier. this plays out in another area, as well. not only do you have the grooming and apparel issues we have to work through. the idea of a free exercise clause. if you are a chaplain in the military, with the same sex benefit, the demise of don't ask, don't tell, and the right to have a sexual orientation of your choosing and serve openly, what is your role as a military chaplain? we have chaplains from each of our different places across the dod. you might be a rabbi and yet you are having chaplain duties requiring you to administer and take care of the needs of everyone in your unit, not just your own faith group. if you have got a requirement to perform council into a couple looking for counseling on same- sex couples, and your conscience prohibits you from doing that, what is your role as a military
to second warship to the korean peninsula. joining us now, former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst, and joining as well, retired u.s. army general and former commander of the first infantry division, a combat veteran, seeing action in vietnam, gray that da, yugoslavia, and iraq. thank you for being with us, general. the secretary of state meeting with the foreign minister in south korea saying clearly as he did that this is it. there's no more gains from at least the united states side, is that a correct inference? >> i'm not sure what it means, but the biggest problem with the north korea thing is it's new. that they doo it every year. they have a crisis, we get nervous, go to the table, give them aid, and everything is fine until next year when they have a new crisis. the reason it's different this time, though, is because there's new leaders in north creigh, ya south korea, japan, china, and other than the americans, the other guys are all hot, so it's not clear, they have not danced before. do they know when to start and stop? that's the biggest concern, plus,
of furloughs. hagel, meanwhile, is warning pentagon staffers to prepare for deep cuts in the face of mounting economic pressures. the defense department will likely be forced to slash nearly $1 trillion in projected spending over the next decade. joining us now from the pentagon, we have nbc news chief correspondent jim miklaszewski. good morning, jim. >> good morning, mika. >> when did hagel make this decision? i heard it was a little bit back. >> reporter: it was several weeks ago, as we understand it, that he had decided if civilian employees in the pentagon were to be furloughed, originally it was going to be 22 days and now it may be 14 days but, nevertheless during that 14-week period, we would get 0% cut in their pay that he, too, would take a 20% cut. >> speaking of cuts. he is sounding the same warnings now that leon panetta was sounding a couple of weeks ago. hagel is saying that these cuts to the pentagon are going to devastate the agency and military readiness. >> reporter: the military was already girting for substantial cuts after the war in iraq ended and we started to drawn do
of thousands of north korean workers which would really only further cripple their economy. the pentagon meanwhile continues to take all the threats we're hearing seriously. they're sending army systems to a western pacific territory, home to a number of military bases. officials say this particular system is capable of shooting down short, medium and other ballistic missiles. they say they're prepared. >> thank you so much. heather. >> now to some stories you can bank on this morning. spring, of course, should be a time of fresh beginnings, but the economy, at least in terms of the economy that may not be the case. it may be frozen. adam shapiro from the fox business network joins us to explain. it doesn't feel like spring either. mother nature isn't listening. >> economists aren't listening because we're getting data that indicate things would not be as strong as we would like. yesterday we got the a.d.p. report which says private sector job creation was 158,000. we were expecting 200,000. tomorrow when we get the unemployment situation, the labor department's unemployment numbers, peo
the day they die." pentagon officials plan to take a look at the back log and go before congress by june. their goal is to have the issue resolved by 20-15. but two years is a long time to wait for some of these veterans. >> "these people have volunteered for the service. there is an inherent commitment of society to take care of them if they have been unfortunately wounded in action, ely, and we're basically going to be taking care of some of these people until the day they die." threats north korea is making against south korea is putting the white house on edge tonight. today the communist north warned the democratic south that their shared peninsula had entered a, quote, "state of war." but the korean peninsula has remained in a technical state of war for 60 years. continued threats by the north have raised u-s fears that it could result in a clash. the white house said the u.s. is fully prepared and capable of defending its interests and allies in the southern region. this week is tsunami preparedness week. today, city officials came out in full force to bring awareness to what you
defense system to guam in response to rising north korean threats. in the past two days, the pentagon has also sent guided missile destroyers to the western pacific. >> ifill: for more on the escalating border tensions, we turn to former ambassador jack pritchard, who has been involved with korean peace negotiations for both presidents george w. bush and bill clinton. welcome. >> thanks very much. >> ifill: is the pressure shifting from military to economic now? >> not as much. but this is an unsettling development when you think about how important the kaesong industrial complex is to the north koreans. it's a source of hard currency for them and so shooting themselves in the foot for a longer period of time means they're going to be missing out on the kind of golden goose here. >> ifill: we saw south korean business people saying it could be a bad effect for them as well because of the supply chain that feeds kaesong. >> to put in the context, kaesong industrial complex produces about $500 million of merchandise each year: watches, shoes, clothes, things of that nature. it's a drop in t
. north korea was the topic at today's pentagon briefing. george little answer questions about u.s. warships off the coast of north korea and monitoring potential missile launches. if you could sort out some of the deployments and so forth in regard to north korea, the korean peninsula. can you explain what is will perform some missions in that area? a lot of reporting i would like to clear up. sbx radar.t with it is undergoing scheduled trials. undergoing some annual system checks. decisions about for their deployment had not been made at this point. arrived at predetermined positions in the western pacific. our commander regularly deploys in the region to respond to missile threats. >> the point i wanted to press to its-- it was on route home port. it is it -- is it being held up for this mission? did it happen to be passing through? >> it has arrived in a predetermined location in the west pacific. there was some reporting yesterday that the guided missile destroyers were stationed off the north korean coast. that is incorrect. in the western pacific. >> is that a yes to my qu
audience that the u.s. is trying to defuse thuation with china and others . the pentagon is dealing with spending cuts starting this year. >> the sequester cut because it falls heavily on operations. it is already having a disruptive and potentially damaging impact on the force. >> it could affect moral and impact productivity and the defense is addressing the cuts, hagel said it is just the beginning. >> fiscal realities demand another hard look at personnel . how many people we have military and civilian . how many do we need. what do these people do. >> today pyongyang barred south korea workers to cross the border . so the south koreans had no choice but to return home. the worst thing the u.s. could do to regimes like north korea is project weakness. >> this tells us that more of the traditional scenaro and state on state, it is very important to have the armed forces to be ready and strong and have all of the tools in the tool kit. >> the pentagon announced today it is sending to guam an army system capable of shutting down missiles and a precautionary move after the north kor
's a provocative step as today north korean state television said, we formally inform the white house and pentagon that the u.s.'s ever escalating policy and reckless nuclear threats will be smashed by the will of the power, the united military and nuclear strike means. the pentagon announced it would deploy an anti-ballistic missile system like this one to guam in the pacific. just hours earlier, the u.s. secretary of defense criticized what he called north korea's dangerous rhetoric. >> some of the actions they've taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger. we take those threats seriously. >> reporter: but can the north attack the u.s.? u.s. officials tell nbc news north korea does have missile-deliverable nuclear weapons. but with a range of about 1,000 miles. unable to reach the united states. but seoul, just across the border, is certainly in range. despite all the escalations, the rhetoric and now military hardware on the move, south korea insists it still does not see indications that north korea's preparing a major military offensive. richard engel, nbc news, seoul. >>>
. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon, as they said it's not unusual to hear bellicose language from north korea especially when it comes to the west or the united states, but it's chuck hagel's reaction that's gotten a lot of folks looking at this a little more seriously today. >> well, also don't forget, this is the first time that you've heard this extended provocation and rhetoric from the young kim jong-un. we've kind of heard this rhetoric before, but this is the longest period that we've seen this escalating tension with no end in sight. he we do into that china and russian are concerned and asking the u.s. and others to lower the rhetoric, lower the tension on the korean peninsula. we've received photos of kim jong-un making war plans, we're told, with his national security team shortly after midnight local time. kim jng you know signed orders that places north korean rocket forces on stand by. and the pentagon says they haven't seen any movement on that front yet. the animated state defgs announcer who said this quote, he finally signed the plan on technical preparations of
korea in the region. the pentagon announcing that that second guided missile destroyer will be joining the u.s.s. john mccain. the two of them according to the spokesman for the pentagon will be poised to respond to missile threats to allies and the united states. and having shown the flag across the skies of south korea and basically serving their purpose for the moment at least the f-22 stealth fighters are heading back to their home base back in japan. so far at least today we have had no new utterances from north korean leader kim jong un. his ally china has been very busy. a top official from china has been meeting in beijing with ambassadors to the united states, to north korea, to south korea, china is expressing its serious concern and these are the words of china calling on all side to remain calm and exercise restraint, maybe breathe in deeply. back to you, greg. >> reporter: thanks very much. jenna: we are getting new information about the murderers of a texas district attorney and his wife. kaufman county da mike ma khre mcclellan and his wife were found dead a. funeral is
hiding his sexuality for years. a cnn exclusive interview. >>> we begin in north korea. the pentagon says the country's latest threats amounts to nothing more than war amongering rhetoric. today north korean media announcing yang was entering a state of war with its southern neighbor and compared the u.s. to a boiled pumpkin saying it was vulnerable to attack. just the latest in a string of increasingly belligerent threats. >>> millions of people across italy will get to see a famous religious relic today on television. it is usually kept out of sight in a bullet proof, climate controlled glass case. according to vatican radio the images have been broadcast just once before in 1973. some christians believe the sloud was jesus' burial cloth and pope francis marked his first good friday as head of the roman catholic church and in about hour and a half he will preside over holy saturday myself in st. peter's basilica. we're live there and will bring it in the next hour. screenings begin today for thousands of dental patients in this country, oklahoma, who may be facing a life-threatening hea
on an emergency meeting called. i asked the pentagon press secretary what's next? >>> plus, oscar pistorius is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. does a decision today though mean he's going to go free? and new information tonight about the relationship between the boy who killed those children in sandy hook and his mother. and what she gave him for his birthday. we asked dr. drew what the shocking revelations mean. let's go "outfront." good evening, everybody. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, we have breaking news. there is an urgent military meeting at the supreme command in pyongyang and ordered rockets to be on stand by for firing at american targets including the american mainland and military bases in the pacific and south korea. this is according to north korean state media which also quotes kim saying, "the time has come to settle accounts with the united states. if the u.s. makes a reckless provication." this latest move is in retaliation to the united states flying two b-2 bombers over korea today. it was a training exercise and a forceful signal to north korea. the s
. but is this latest call to arms mere propaganda or a clear threat? nbc chief pentagon correspondent jim miklashevski joins us. jim, i'm sorry for that. >> that's okay, jonathan. >> this all in response to a recent nuclear test and ongoing u.s. south korean military exercises in the region. what is the latest out of the pentagon this afternoon? >> well, in terms of the latest out of the pentagon this afternoon, despite all this heated rhetoric and this increased saber rattling out of north korea, u.s. military and intelligence officials say they still see no signs of any extraordinary or unordinary activities on the part of the north korean military. there were reports out of north korea overnight that they had actually manned many of their advanced missile batteries, but u.s. intelligence officials say that is not the case. so so far this appears to be heated rhetoric. what makes this different, however, according to some intelligence and military officials we've been talking to, is that we're dealing with a 28-year-old, 29-year-old son of kim jong-il, kim jong-un, and his unpredictability at this p
by officials at the pentagon questions about things like their view on roe v. wade and capital punishment. that brought us people like the 24-year-old kid with no background in finances to re-open the baghdad stock exchange, a 21-year-old kid who was an ice cream truck driver elm was assigned to the team of americans, asked to help rehabilitate iraq's interior ministry. its different in afghanistan under the obama administration. this is where the supposedly pros were going to be put in summary judgment the state department and usaid were supposed to bring in the experts from our nation's civil service and foreign service. the problem was many of our best people has already burnt out in iraq by then, and so they simply kind of put out a notice for jobs to be filled and waited for resumes to come in. instead of going out and scouring universities like this, ngos and nonprofits, the private sector. if i were obama, i would have called up the human resources heads at apple and microsoft and google and said, give me one of your people for a year and go out and find people who are willing to l
, john hunter who's spoken at the u.n., the pentagon. now he's in "the cycle," the crowning moment of his career, to tell us about his new book "world peace and other 4th grade achievements". >> thank you. welcome to all of you as well. >> welcome to your world. all right. i get that. >> thanks for having us. >> so tell me about this game. it sounds fascinating. >> this game is a geopolitical simulation. and my fourth-graders play it. they solve 15 interlocking global problems and do it in about eight weeks. it's a gigantic plexiglas structure, sands 4 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot in my classroom. there's always a saboteur always causing trouble. i use the skill set that child has to secretly trying destroy the game. >> do you find that public schools today maybe overly emphasize history instead of emphasizing current events, stuff that's happening right now? >> my perspective is, of course, limited. i'm a small-town schoolteacher. but i think what we do have is an emphasis, at least in my school and the schools in my district, an emphasis on humanity and developing their real humanity as peo
and pentagon the ever escalating u.s. hostile policy toward the dprk and its reckless nuclear threat will be smashed by the strong will of all the united service personnel, and people and cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means of the dprk. dprk, of course, is north korea. the phrase, nuclear strike, means -- that refers north korea's nuclear arsenal. most don't believe they have much. nuclear devices, yes, warheads, maybe. reliable missiles that could carry an atomic to the u.s., no. tonight reaction from the white house. it reads in part, and i quote, we have seen today's statement by north korea again making unhelp offul and uninstructive threats. north korea should stop its the provocative threats and instead consecra concentrate on abiding by international obligations. the pentagon late today word the u.s. is deploying ground base intercepters like these to guam. the ones you see here in hawaii deployed four years ago to counter an earlier threat from north korea. that in addition to the floating radar platform being sent to the korean peninsula along
to guam. the pentagon is taking this seriously enough, especially the threats against guam that they're moving the missile defense there. two warships have gone into the region. and the secretary of defense chuck hagel today described the threat from north korea as a real and present danger. how real is the danger against guam right now given that guam is the american territory that would be the most reasonable for north korea to try to strike? >> i don't think the north koreans would strike guam in the beginning. they're going to go after south korea or better yet japan. but, you know, we can get involved. it's not just guam. it is also our bases in japan, okinawa. >> okay. that's my question. would they do that because as our reporter was saying, a lot of -- they're pointing at the u.s. as opposed to their own domestic people or south korea. at least the reb lhetoric. >> if they thought the rhetoric was going to break down this he would go after anything they could catch. that is not the first thing they're going to strike. you have to be resolute. the north core evenkoreans, if th
a nuclear attack on the united states. now the pentagon is taking new steps to protect americans. is this bluster or something more? in washington, they are preparing for the worst. and the man hunt for two prisoners would ho broke out of jail in texas. police say they're fugitives, that they're dangerous, that they may be running in their underwear. and the live update on our breaking news. a shooting at fort knox that has the entire army post on lockdown. we're waiting for breaking news updates from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report. the age old question. what do women want? this is kate. she likes a man with a little hair on his chest. but definitely not on his back. this is hannah. she likes a guy with a smooth stomach to show off his six-pack. and this is genesis. she likes men completely hairless and, no, she doesn't think that's weird. i don't. the proglide styler. trim, shave and edge. the one tool you need to get the look she wants. the night is yours. gillette. the best a man can get. >> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news out of fort kn
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